The object then will be to make our independence a blessing. To do this we must secure our union on solid foundations; an herculean task and to effect which mountains of prejudice must be leveled! It requires all the virtue and all the abilities of the Country. ... We know each others sentiments, our views are the same: we have fought side by side to make America free, let us hand in hand struggle to make her happy.
~~Alexander Hamilton to John Laurens, August 15, 1782

Reflections on Revival

I've been dwelling on the subject of revival lately, and on the future of America, and particularly the American church. I think that many of us pray for revival, but we must realize that when God revives a country, or a people group, He usually doesn't start with the sinners. Why? Because the fact that so many sinners are not saved, is not His fault. It is largely the responsibility of we who claim to be believers. God works mightily, but He created man so that He might use man as a tool through which to do His work.

The Church of America has fallen asleep, and many who sit in its pews, and wear its T-shirts, and hand out its tracts, and sing in its choirs, are spiritually dead. They have no desire to serve God, apart from gain, or a feeling of acceptance among their Christian peers. But most others have never been challenged to completely surrender themselves and their all to God, and they do not know that there is more to being a Christian than being accepted in Christian circles. They do not know what God requires of all of us. I like the statement Paul Washer once made. At a recent conference, he said, "This country is not Gospel-hardened. It is Gospel-ignorant." It has not heard enough of the Gospel, in black-and-white, to be Gospel-hardened.

The Church, many years ago, began to be influenced and infiltrated by humanism. But unfortunately, that influence of humanism has not stopped with "liberal theologians" or churches that compromise on issues like evolution or biblical literacy. It has disguised itself in such a way as to deceive the "fundamentalists"(*gasp!*)

Why has humanism been so pervasive? Because it is human nature to look at and focus upon self. This is one of the great reasons why sanctification and holiness need to be taught and emphasized in America's Christian churches and teachings again, because it is through sanctification that we learn how to be true and consistent followers of God -- our nature is exchanged for His, by the power of His Holy Spirit working in us.

Below is a video I found some time ago on GodTube. It is a very harmonious conglomeration of the teachings of various "revival leaders" (if such is a proper term to use in God's kingdom, because HE is the "revival leader"!). It is eye-opening.

One of the sermons from which you will hear often, is the once-famous "Ten Shekels and a Shirt," by Paris Reidhead, who became a missionary to Africa in the 1940s. Sometime, I intend to include these, and discuss them, in a near-future post here. The sermon is worth a post (or two) of its own. To get a head-start, you may listen to the audio here, or read the text here.

In the meantime, please watch the video. May God move you through it.



  1. Anonymous said...

    I've had a most interesting day, Herky. A couple weeks ago, I went to look at the site of a Messianic congregation in Albany that we used to visit on the occasional Saturday. We had stopped going because they had gotten caught up in ungodly things, but I saw that their website was new, and they had a different rabbi. So today we went, and at first I felt like a sponge that is so dry, the water just runs off - but it was living water. In fact, the phrase that stuck in my head was "living water in a dry and thirsty land." The Lord was there, the Holy Spirit was in charge, and people were free to worship as He led. The rabbi's message was excellent, and we left three hours later, thoughtful, grateful - and exhausted!

    After my nap :) I noticed you had a new post here, so we listened to the two Paul Washer videos. Then I realized that I had somehow missed this one, and we watched it together, with tears and gratitude.

    I'm not even going to comment on any of the content, because I'm still trying to process way too much. In fact, I've decided to skip church tomorrow and just continue to seek God.

    Thank you, my friend. I'm going to re-post this video on my blog.

  2. Anonymous said...

    Help, please! I can't figure out how to identify this video to find it on Godtube. Clicking on "Godtube" just takes me to their home page.

  3. Hercules Mulligan said...

    Hi Jean. What a neat story! I'm glad you had a good day!

    I'm also pleased you liked the video and got a chance to watch it. This stuff is amazing. I hope you will have the time and inclination to comment on some of the content. I certainly will, at least on one of the sermons that was included in it. Ah, when I have the time. I may not do it this week.

    God bless you. Have a great weekend!

    Warm regards,

  4. Hercules Mulligan said...

    Oh, heh. I think we left comments almost at the same time.

    OK, search for the title "revival hymn" and you should get it. Let me know if that doesn't work. I'll give you the link then. But I don't think I have it bookmarked ...

  5. Anonymous said...

    Yep, we must have been typing at the same time! Thanks, I found it and will re-post it soon.

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